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Work in Progress Wednesday Mid Summer of Sweet 16 Edition

Calculus Methods is the most pressing matter in my professional life.
I'm working on Implicit differentiations and 
making my way toward evaluating definite integrals.

Toney, Brianna, and Julie as well
as Becca and Jenessa and Vivian
will be sharing how far they've come
soon and very soon. 

I'm also putting together the details
for the finishing touches on 
on the plot for the final installment in the
Natural Sistahs series. 

And I'll be sharing the cover for the 
Fruit of the Spirit devotional. 
Everyone whose downloaded 
saw it last week. 
Because that is where all the 
good information is shared first. 

Be sure to reread or check out all of the stories 
in both these series so you're 
ready when the final stories are released. 
Back to this Calculus... these methods won't 
resolve themselves.

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