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Embracing Myself Now, Rebooting and Rebuilding

It's been a long three weeks. The ordeal of being in a motor vehicle accident is over. Now it's time to complete what I was working on before it occurred. My original plans were to have Embracing Myself Now released by the end of October in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Unfortunately, as a self published author, when I'm out of commission things don't move forward. Now that I'm back on track, I'll be working to get Embracing Myself Now on "shelves" as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for me. I'll be resuming my previous online interaction in limited capacity due to the work it will take to complete everything and the health reboot I'm doing. After watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead for the second time I decided to do a modified Reboot to take full authority and restore my body to it's previous health.

I've talked about the internal conflict and spiritual conviction I have being "obese" while writing about health awareness topics. I'm blessed to have good numbers (LDL, HDL, blood pressure, sugar levels) but that does not excuse me from being fit. Despite not having any chronic disease it is now my top priority to get myself in order. I've acquired a recycled VitaMix and am frequenting the local farmers market to change my lifestyle in a way I can afford and maintain. God has supplied everything I need to get healthy and be well. Now the only thing left is for me to do it.

I welcome any and all prayers. Anyone who wants to join me living a healthier life the way God wants you to do it can do so on Sparkpeople.com. My path may not be the same, but the destination is, fitness not perfection. While I will be blogging more often, I will be on facebook and twitter much less during the last few months of this year. I pray God kisses your life with His manifest presence daily.

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  1. So glad you aren't too seriously hurt. blessings as you recover and 'reboot' your life!

  2. Shawneda, I'm glad you're recovering from the accident. I came to read your harvest post and saw this instead; I guess you've been busy harvesting a renewed outlook on your health and fitness... ;)

    If you're looking for a fun way to get some exercise, check out hoopdancing. Hoop City (www.hoopcity.ca) and Hooping.org are good resources, and there are tons of YouTube videos also (I'm CircularPraise on all three sites). I'm also working on improving my health, and this is my way to get the heart rate up and work the muscles. Depending on where you live, there may be a hoop community already in place and you might be able to find some classes to get you started.

    I pray for a complete and speedy recovery and much success as you reboot. :)



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