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Music Monday Motivation Edition


His Kind of Love.
Unlike anything anyone on Earth can give you.
He gives it full, ungoverned, at all times, to me, you and everyone.
Without warrant. 
Without bounds. 
Willing to follow into the deepest depths of hell on Earth. 
Strong enough to lift a soul from the lowest low. 

Believing in Him. 
Welcoming Him. 
Trusting Him. 
Faith, hope, love. 
The greatest of these is love. 

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. 
Many people may redo something done well
by the originator. 
Yet... the sweetness of the original is never
able to be replicated. 
Every love encountered is an extension of 
God's love but no one on Earth 
can love better than God. 
There is a special blessing in living 
a life where in which we 
have moments when we try. 
Fill Me Up God....
so in those moments
the love poured out is from you. 

 One of the greatest ways to 
show God love is to 
live the life He has given like it's

Bopping my head,
standing in front of this desk.
Pounding these keys. 
Inspired to inspire. 
Motivated to motivate. 
Courageous to encourage. 


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