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Whose on the Screen in 2012?

You have contacted me and let me know that you're enjoying reading about the characters fighting to move from my imagination into their rightful place in front of readers. The HIV/AWARENESS red ribbon collection and the BREAST CANCER awareness pink ribbon collection introduced some lovable and not so lovable women. Rosalyn and Naomi pulled readers into their tumultuous relationship. Jenessa, Dani and Rebecca wiggled their way into some readers hearts and frustrated the minds of others. Stories for these leading ladies were born in my first novel, Love Is...and one of the main characters from Love Is... Toni made a guest appearance in It's in My Blood and hasn't been seen since. Well, the wait to find out what happened to her is almost over.

The awareness novel for 2012 will bring readers up to date on what happened to Toni after she moved from Texas to Georgia. Lots of things have changed since we last saw her at Rebecca and Colby's wedding in It's in My Blood. Things may or may not have worked out for her when she moved to Georgia. You'll enjoy the yellow ribbon collection. It is a story and subject matter much like the red and pink ribbon collection that is near and dear to my heart. I'll tell you more about it later.

Two ebook series will also be birthed in 2012.
Diamond Butterfly Angels.
My entry into the urban fantasy genre very much inspired by my love of fantasy books written by C. S. Lewis among others. These will be novella size action packed sizzlers. Think Dennis Haybert's "The Unit" and "Buffy the Vampire slayer" have a urban fantasy baby.

Real Firstwives
This series was inspired when I like millions of other Americans was pulled into the reality wives drama all over cable networks. Instead of using their television time for selfish gain however these divine divas are making church life in the spotlight look good. Well, that is the plan. Each fictional city has three or four women serving as pastor's, elders and first ladies focused on glorifying God on national television. You'll see. The original intent was to release each episode in a serialized manner. Reader feedback indicated this is not an enjoyable ereading format so I'm releasing each franchise a season at a time.

There will also be a new Diamond Butterfly devotional released next year, Wings of Purpose~Karats of Destiny. I'll keep you posted. Sign up for the newsletter to read Love Is... for free and find out new info in the quarterly Reader Alerts. Thank you for sharing how much you enjoy the devotionals and my books with your friends and family.

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Happy Thanksgiving, I Appreciate You for Reading!

Dreams of sharing the love for words with the world have been in my heart for as long as I can remember. God in his awesome mercy, unyielding grace and infinite love has provided ways time after time for me to do it. He never turned away and I dedicate this song to Him first and foremost, my family, friends and readers who keep reading. A dedication to offering you the best stories possible each time I plant bottom to seat and connect fingers to keys runs through me like the blood in my veins. Thank you!


I Don't Take it For Granted...

November actually 2011 flew right by me, but not without my making the most of about eighty percent of each minute I was awake. (Hey, no one is perfect!)

Hope you're taking time to start focusing on the many, many reasons you should be thankful this year. I'm gonna share a few but I'd rather hear from you.

  1. Thank God for life. Breath. You know the stuff that keeps you ALIVE. My life may not be the stuff other people's fairy tales are made of, but it's mine and I'm thankful for it.
  2. Thank God for love. Not the tomfoolery they pass off as love on television. I'm talking about the deliberate decision to consider how your decisions, actions, words and use of time impact others. 
  3. I couldn't live without the Holy Ghost. He is better than the force (Star Wars), more powerful than an atomic bomb (and less toxic), more refreshing than York peppermint patty and greater than the highest quotient.
  4. Family has taught me to that people and the time you spend with them is precious.
  5. Friends are priceless because everyone pretends to be one but what it really is few understand. 
A throwback to my C.O.G.I.C. days. Have a great Monday!


BARNES & NOBLE | Dollhouse by Kim Kardashian | NOOK Book (eBook), Hardcover

BARNES & NOBLE | Dollhouse by Kim Kardashian | NOOK Book (eBook), Hardcover:

'via Blog this'

Books ghostwritten or actually created by celebrities will begin to be more of the trend for the big six publishers like Harper Collins. This is why my publishing company SC Creations is excited to learn about the new technologies and platforms for authors to get their books into the hands of readers. 

As the small press and direct to author movement continues I hope that readers will find great enjoyment in the novels, devotionals, memoirs and Christian living books offered by SC Creations in the future. Coming soon is my fifth novel Embracing Myself Now. The sequel to My True Essence is a story about love, choices and the ability to see God's blessing in every situation.

OverWhelmed by Grace

Overwhelmed by Grace

The housing crash in 2008 afforded me a new level of understanding of God’s grace. My husband and I decided to let go of the things we acquired but could no longer afford. On the outside I
tried to portray a pillar of strength. Inside I was in turmoil. How had this happened? I consistently tithed and gave offering. When and however I could, I served in God’s house. Between caring for our one year old daughter and dealing with all of the stresses that stemmed from our financial crisis, things moved so fast I didn’t have time to process it all. No fast, prayer or scripture changed the way I felt. I was emotionally, spiritually, and financially bankrupt!

I searched online for an extended stay hotel in as safe an area as possible. With each click of the keyboard, I fought back frustration and tears. Childhood feelings of neglect, abandonment and
disappointment tried to overtake me. I’d seen God perform miracles. Deep down in my spirit I knew
nothing was impossible for him but my heart couldn’t make sense of it or see a positive end to things.  A family friend called after my husband and I prayed about what to do and where we should go.
He and his wife offered for us to live with them. God provided a temporary job assignment that allowed me to care for my daughter and a nearby daycare. God still made a way for my HIV awareness novel “It’s in My Blood” to be released December 2009.

In less than six months God blessed us with a place to live on our own. There were some
misrepresentations and challenges by the leasing office but we trusted God. He enabled us to stay
positive and thankful through them all.  The conditions left us no choice but to move again. We prayed and God led us to a place that seemed prepared just for us.

God’s grace in my life overwhelmed and humbled me. Even when I questioned everything God
continued to love me, live inside of me, and use me. Instead of growing apart, our struggle drew my
husband and me together. In spite of the hardships I didn’t run away from my relationship with God,
even as I struggled with the circumstances I never turned my back on my faith.  God opened doors,
provided for every need and gave favor in the middle of the storm. When I looked up and the storm was over, I knew I didn’t deserve any of it. I only made it through by His grace.

1 Timothy 1:14

Amplified Bible (AMP)

14And the grace (unmerited favor and blessing) of our Lord [actually] flowed out superabundantly and beyond measure for me, accompanied by faith and love that are [to be realized] in Christ Jesus.

Also posted on November 14, 2015

Cost vs Value/Worth

Being an indie author (I'm not getting into semantics about that title for those who prefer the term self published...take your tirades elsewhere, please. Thank you.) there is a constant call to action to connect with more and more people via social media, events and grocery shopping. Most articles and blog posts focus on the number seen by others instead of the people who are actually interested in what you offer to readers.

I have chosen the path God told me I'd walk, the one that appears more difficult to others. It would be easy to collect twitter followers and FB likes without giving thought to the other person clicking their mouse. That is not my style. Having a bunch of people who aren't interested in what I write or the way I write would cheapen my books...not their .99 to 2.99 price tag.

It isn't how much you are paid for your work that determines it's value, it is the worth you ascribe to it. That may sound pie in the sky to some authors, fine, that is your opinion. For me, placing a high cost on my books and having no one read them devalues them more than the price. Not only in the changing publishing landscape but in every area of life I focus on quality vs quantity. Being able to determine the difference between the cost of something and it's value will leave you able to give your best and leave the results to God.

 Jenessa looks at the impact of what her decisions have cost her and if what she lost was worth it in My True Essence. She, Dani, Vivian and Dominique also explore this as they deal with the impact of triple negative breast cancer on their lives in Embracing Myself Now which will be out before the end of 2011. Do you live your life based on how much things cost you or their value and worth?

Contentment without Complacency

WOW! It's already, November. This month is the beginning of the end of this interesting yet challenging year. In it, I've done a lot of things I didn't plan to do and still have to achieve a few things on my January to-do list. What I have found between the eighteen pound weight loss since I began participating in the Spark LIVE! classes in July and the car accident at the end of September is a place of contentment without complacency.

Instead of beating myself up for not being where I wanted to be on my weight loss journey, I'm simply glad that I have lost something. The progress and lifestyle changes I've made that have stayed with me increased my health. I'm thankful for that. New ankle friendly, weight appropriate challenging  workouts have been searched out and found. Water and raw foods have been added to my eating regimen. I'm thankful for progress and moving forward to return to a healthy weight and activity level.

My plans to have my last book of the year finished and released early didn't happen. I'm still on schedule to release it on the original date. Having my publishing date altered forced me to look at my operations and choose to ignore or change them. I chose to change them. Now I have a great new way to do books. I'm thankful for my readership growth thus far and working to offer better books and connect with more readers in the future.

Rosalyn, the main character in It's in My Blood and Beyond My Status, has to make some decisions about her life. She has to decide about how to move forward and live beyond her medical condition. Do you reflect on where you are in life this month? Are you thankful for your place in life while moving forward? Why or Why not?


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